My name is Tim de Roller, i’m a passionate Front-end Developer & Graphic designer from the Netherlands & i love to create. After i finished my Application Developer study i wanted to explore the world of Front-end. Now i’m studying Communication and Multimedia Design in Amsterdam at the University of Applied Sciences. I also work at MOYU as a front-end developer.

Feel free to look around or go to my github.

  1. During my internships, study’s & work i gained skills & experience with:

  2. HTML
  3. CSS (vanilla & Tailwind)
  4. JS (vanilla & React)
  5. Wordpress
  6. Prototyping
  7. Scrum
  8. Version control (Github)


Project: Het kunst appie. Progressive web app made with the Rijksmuseum API

Het Kunst Appie

While following the minor web design & development I chose to work with the Rijksmuseum API and create a progressive web app.

Project: Vim voor Marijn. Application made for Marijn

VIM for Marijn

While working on this project I conducted in-depth interviews with Marijn & iterated on prototypes. This way I made a personalized website for Marijn in 4 weeks to help him online.

Project: Progressive Windows 98. Site focused on progressive enchancement

Progressive Windows 98

Building semantically correct HTML is important for bowser compatibility. Together with feature detections & semantically correct HTML you can create the best possible website for as many browsers as possible.

More of my projects can be viewed on my github.


I would love to hear from you!